Domaine des Courtilles
Domaine des Courtilles
Domaine des Courtilles
Bernard Schurr

Bernard Schürr

Founder & CEO

Florence Schurr

Florence Schürr

Executive Partner

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Antoine Schürr



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We have been working for more than 10 years with a large number of wineries, independent  growers, cooperatives and negociants from the best winegrowing areas in the world. We are therefore able to select the best wines to fit our clients specific tastes and wishes. Domaine des Courtilles can select wines, blend them if required, prepare them for shipment and buy them on behalf of our clients


Domaine des Courtilles


Our Domaine des Courtilles network extends over vineyards throughout the world. It is constantly growing, following demand from our clients.

Our network is made up of wine producers, our “sources”on the one hand and of local partners who are able to connect directly and efficiently with each of our “sources” on behalf of the Domaine des Courtilles.


Our sources comprise more than 40 wineries worldwide, some of which consider us as their main partners :

  • Producers (domaines, châteaux)

  • Négociants

  • Cooperative groups


More than 15 local partners are spread throughout the world:

  • Local winemakers

  • Local brokers

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